Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Mizumi Corporation

Managerial manager
Takibi Yoshida

Kanagawa Sagamihara City Midori Ward Higashi Bashi Book 2-chome 19-2-2F

telephone number

email address

Application expiration date
In principle, order confirmation (automatic send mail for order confirmation), 5 days is 5 days.

Sales volume
There is no particular specification

Time of delivery
After receiving your order, we will ship the product within 1-5 days.
For the day of the weather, the convenience of the delivery company, for some other reason
When delaying, we will notify you by email etc.

Payment method
Credit card (VISA / MASTER / DINERS / American Express / JCB) and various payments

Return deadline
Product returns and exchanges do not respond except for initial defects.

Return shipping
For shipping costs for return, we will pay if the product that has occurred during delivery, defects, and product defects, and delivered items will be paid.