Delivery policy

Delivery agent

Our domestic domestic shipping will be delivered by Sagawa express.

International delivery will be delivered by DHL or EMS by condition and region


Delivery condition

Delivery address cannot be delivered by delivery address such as remote island.

Delivery address cannot be changed after order.


Delivery charge

Delivery charges are calculated based on delivery address.

Commodity purchase price, 30000 yen or more in Japanese yen will apply for free shipping.

The following postage is applied to the item price.

By area


UK  ¥2500



Autumn - 2500





Many hundred

New Zealand

Norway ¥2500

Frame ¥2500

Belgium ¥2500

China ¥2500

Core free shipping

Japan (excluding Okinawa and remote islands) 580 Okinawa


Customs and tariffs

If you send goods to overseas, customs, etc. may occur in your partner country. In that case, please note that the customs duty etc.will be borne by the recipient. Tariff is the collection of the partner country, and it is not related to this site.

If it is returned to Japan by the refusal of receipt, it will not ship again. The cost generated in the process is the burden of the purchaser.

You can refund the actual amount of money (including the amount of international transportation round-trip expenses and customs customs and tariffs) except for the actual cost.


Delivery period

It may take 2-3 business days from order reception to confirmation.

It may be shipped within five business days from the order of the order, and may be due to the convenience of the distributor.

Please check the business day calendar for details.