privacy policy

Personal information protection policy

"HIMASSMANIA" provides minimum personal information so that users can use it with confidence.
"HIMASSMANIA" pays the fullest precautions for the protection of personal information provided.
The idea of ​​"HISSSMANIA" about personal information protection is as follows.

  ■ We have information about individuals, organizations and corporations registered by members
  Used only to develop and provide cutting -edge functions and services in "HIMASSMANIA"
  Members: We will pay close attention to the protection of personal information.
  ■ The application range of this privacy policy is only the service provided by "HIMASSMANIA".
  (The range is stipulated in paragraph 1 below)
  ■ Except in the case specified in these Terms, we will not use other than the purpose. (The purpose is specified in paragraph 2 below)
  ■ Except in cases of specified in these Terms, we will not disclose to third parties. (Management is specified in paragraph 2 below)
  ■ Other appropriate management will be performed in the method prescribed in these Terms.
  ■ "HIMASSMANIA" can change the privacy policy without the permission of the user.
  When "HIMASSMANIA" changes the contents of personal information acquisition, change the usage method, change the disclosure contents, etc.,
  Published on the announcement on our website so that the user can know the contents.
  We will notify you by reflecting it in this privacy policy.

1. Areas where the concept of "HISSMANIA" privacy policy is applied
  ■ The idea of ​​the privacy policy of "HISSMANIA" is
  Applies when a member uses the "HISSMANIA" service.
  ■ Personal information collected when the member uses the "HISSSMANIA" service
  It is managed in accordance with the concept of "HISSSMANIA" about personal information protection.
  ■ "HIMASSMANIA" personal information protection is provided directly by "HIMASSMANIA".
  It is only a service, and services such as other organizations and companies connected by links are out of the application.
  ■ The use of the "HISSMANIA" service shall be performed at the responsibility of the user.
  ■ From the other website where our homepage and our homepage is set
  "HIMASSMANIA" is about any damage caused by the use of various information acquired
  I do not take any responsibility.

2. Collection and use of personal information of "HISSSMANIA"  
  "HIMASSMANIA" is to develop and provide cutting -edge functions and services to members
  Several personal information is required for members.
  ■ Please manage the ID and password of the shop at your own risk.
  -The password is changed regularly, and names and date of birth that are easy for others to be kind,
  We recommend that you avoid phone numbers.
  -If you are an acquaintance or friend, do not disclose, lend, or transfer.
  -Please do not write your password to your inquiry email or Q & A on our homepage.
  ■ The collected personal information is used only in the required amount to provide the "HIMASSMANIA" service.
  Except in the following cases, we will not provide it to any third party.
  ■ If you have a member's consent
  -When a member sends an e -mail to seek consent regarding the use of personal information
  -In companies that have concluded a confidentiality contract with us in advance (for example, outsourcing)
  When disclosing at the required limit for
  -The e -mail to the member for advertising, such as our company or our business partner,
  When sending direct mail
  -The members' actions in "HIMASSMANIA" are "HIMASSMANIA" policy and announcement,
  If it is deemed necessary to protect other members, third parties or our rights, and property if they violate the terms of use of "HISSMANIA"
  -If you are requested to disclose personal information in accordance with other laws, such as courts, administrative organizations, etc.
  Or investigating crime, elimination of infringement of rights against third parties, or prevention,
  Other cases where there is an equivalent need for this
  ■ Members agree to us in advance to use our personal information in a way to specify the above.
  We will not make an objection.
  ■ In addition, in "HIMASSMANIA", the personal information of our business partner and members is provided.
  I may share it.
  -When there is a commercial reason, such as a special service for members.
  In this case, we ask for members' consent before providing information, and will not be provided without consent.
  -When preparing statistical materials, market research, data analysis, etc.
  In this case, we will provide only processed information so that specific individuals cannot be determined.

3. Contact  
  If you have any questions about the way of thinking about personal information shown here, the following
  Please contact us by e -mail to the address.

  Personal Information Management: Yoshida