terms of service

Terms of Service

When using the service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") provided by Emi Kinome (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") on this website, customers are webs as a whole. Please read the Terms of Use and all the provisions and conditions published in this online store terms (hereinafter referred to as "Store Terms").

about the order

Depending on the product, there may be restrictions such as application expiration date and quantity. When ordering or more or more, we may disable all the orders itself.

Conclusion of contracts

If you order a product, your order will be an application for a contract for the purchase of the product on this site. The order confirmation of your order and the contents of the order will be sent from this site, but the consent of this site for your contract application is notified that the product was shipped from this site. It will be established when the [Product Shipping Information] email is sent to you. If you order multiple products in one order, if you notify you of the shipping information on some of the products in the [Product Shipping Information] email, for other products [Products. Shipping guidance of] The contract will not be established until the email is sent separately.

Relaxed contract

When we accept orders from the customer, we may refuse the order if it falls under the following contents.

  If you find that you have violated the rules in the past
  If the order is found to be false or incorrect (especially in the address of the product destination) or incomplete.
  When we judge that the fulfillment of the debt generated by our customers is uncertain
  When we judge that there is a fear that there is a fear that the customer will significantly impair our interests due to unauthorized trading acts (resale for profit).
  If there is an error in the contents displayed on this site (especially the price / number)
  If a defect is found in the product
  When the product is sold out and cannot be procured
  If we do not have a delivery means to the delivery destination of the product
  When the customer has an act corresponding to the following prohibited matters

Prohibited matter

The following actions are prohibited when using the online store.

  Order, inquiry, etc. with false contents
  Orders for resale and profit

Sold out of the product

It may be sold out and you may not be able to deliver your desired product. In that case, we will contact you by e -mail. Please be careful not to refuse email reception.

Cancellation of order

We do not accept any cancellations of products due to customer's convenience

About credit card payment

  Regarding the use of credit cards, it is based on the membership agreements of each company contracted.
  Regarding the use of use, it is not possible to investigate here because it corresponds to personal information. Sorry to trouble you, but please contact your credit card company directly.


Product price (tax included)+ shipping (tax included)

About delivery methods and shipping costs

We will calculate each product.

Absence / refusal to receive

If you are absent for a long time due to customer's convenience, or if you refuse or decline, your luggage will be raised to us.
* We may accept the shipping fee for the pulling up and the shipping fee for reserving.

About the shipment of the product

  It may vary slightly depending on the convenience of the delivery company, such as consecutive holidays, busy season, mid -year, and year -end gifts.
  The arrival of the product may be delayed due to the weather, traffic conditions, and regions.

About security

We take the rational range necessary to protect the privacy of customers who visited the site and the store. Depending on the service of this site and store, customers may receive highly confidential information (for example, credit card number, etc.), but in that case, information is protected by encrypt information. I am working hard.

Applied law and conflict

The customers in these Terms, our rights and obligations, and all actions under the Terms of these Terms are interpreted and applied (however, in the case where other country laws are applied by conflicts of the International Private Law. This is not the case), and it is a complete contract in Japan and functions completely, and the customer is approved. In the event of a problem that cannot be solved by the rules, etc., we and our customers shall discuss in good faith and solve this. If a lawsuit is required for the use of the store, the Yokohama District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the first instance.

Other legal regulations

We may change or stop the operation of this site or content, or the entire form, or the entire form without notice. Please note that we may stop using or limit the use of your website without notice at any time. Our default on any provisions of these Terms and responding to violations of customers and other parties will abandon the rights of any subsequent rules and conditions of the Terms, or the right of measures for the same violation. there is no. Even if certain provisions in these Terms are invalid or cannot be implemented under the applied law, all other provisions will be valid and enforced. The provisions that are invalid or cannot be enforced may be replaced by an effective and enforced provision that matches the intentions specified by the original version.


Only inquiries regarding this online store are accepted by e -mail.
It may take some time to reply depending on the content of the inquiry.

Inquiries regarding online stores hiss_mania.shopify@emilu.jp