terms of service

Terms of Service

Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is a service that provides a service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this service") Terms of use and all the provisions and conditions listed in the Online Store Terms (hereinafter referred to as "Store Terms") will be released in detail.

about the order

Products may have limitations such as application expiration date and quantity. We may disable all order itself at the time of an expired / more or more order.

Contract establishment

If you order the product, customers' order will be applied for a contract for product purchases for this site. [Order acceptance confirmation] mail that contains receipt confirmation and order contents of order will be sent from this site, but the consent of our site for contract application from our customers announces that the product was shipped from this site [Product Shipping Information] It is established when mail is sent to the customer. If you order multiple products together with one order, if you announce the confirmation of shipping only about some of these products in the [Product Shipping Guide] email, other products are [Items Shipping Guide of the shipping information The contract will not be established until mail is sent separately.

Contract failure

When we accept orders from customers, we shall not refuse the order if it corresponds to the following content.

If it turns out that the customer violates the terms and the like in the past
It has been found that there is a false display or mistake (especially in the address of the product delivery destination) or a defect.
If we judge that our company is uncertain when the performance of the debt that will occur in the customer is uncertain
If we judge whether or not the act of impairing our profits may be made or risk
If there is an error in the content displayed on this site (especially price and number)
If a defect is found in the product
If the product is not selling sold out
When we do not have delivery means for the delivery destination of the product
If you have the act that falls under the prohibited matters described below for customers

Prohibited matter

The following actions are prohibited to use online stores.

Conduct order, inquiry etc with false content
Order for resale and for profit

Product sold out

It may be sold out and you may not deliver your desired product. In that case, we will contact you by e-mail. Please be careful not to receive email reception.

Call Cancel

We do not accept cancellation of product by customer's convenience

About Credit Card Payment

The use of credit cards is based on the membership rules of each company that you have contracted.
You can not examine here because you hit personal information for unknown points for use. We will handle it, but please contact your credit card company directly.

Bill bill

Product price (tax included) + shipping (tax included)

About delivery method · shipping

It is calculated for each product.

Absence and receipt refusal

When long-term absence and receipt rejection and decline due to customer circumstances, the luggage will be raised to us.
※ We may not apply for shipping costs for raising shipping costs and re-shipping.

About shipping of goods

It may be somewhat back and forth due to the convenience of the shipping company, such as consecutive holidays, busy terms, middle and annual year-end season.
The arrival of the product may be delayed for reasons such as weather, traffic circumstances and regions.

About security

We take measures for reasonable ranges needed to protect the privacy of our customers who have visited our site and store. Depending on our site and store service, you may receive sensitive information (for example, credit card numbers, etc.), but in that case, protection of information by methods such as encrypting information We are working to.

Applicable law and conflict

Customers in the Terms, and our rights and obligations, and all the actions on the terms are interpreted and applied based on the law in Japan (however This is not the case), and it is fully functioned as a contract in Japan, and it works completely, and the customer is approved. If there is a problem that can not be solved by the terms and the like, we shall discuss and solve this with our company and our customers. If you need a lawsuit between our and customers regarding the use of the store, the Yokohama District Court is a dedicated agreement jurisdiction of the first trial.

Other legal provisions

Whenever, we can change and stop all of our sites and content, or some of the forms, or a part of the form without notice. Furthermore, please note that we may stop and restrict your site use without notice for any reason. In order to enforce any provisions of the convention, our compliance to responding to violations of customers and other parties, the right of any provisions and conditions of the following There is none. Even if certain provisions within the usage is applied, all other provisions remain as effective and enforced. Invalid or non-enforcable provisions shall be replaced with valid and enforced regulations that match the closest state to the intention of the original.


Only inquiries about this online store are received by e-mail.
It may take time to reply depending on the inquiry content.

Contact for Online Store Himass_Mania.shopify@emilu.jp